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TeamScope Software – Outlook Based Products and Tools

TeamScope Software, Inc., based in southern California, has been developing Outlook based products and tools for many years. TeamScope personnel are pioneers in the Outlook development space and recognized industry experts with the “heavy lifting” side of Outlook and Exchange development. Over the years they have produced and successfully marketed many significant Outlook tools. TeamScope has come out with a couple of groundbreaking products: OutlookCRM and TeamWork, both completely and seamlessly integrated with Outlook and Exchange. TeamScope's products are beautiful examples of the leverage that the Outlook development environment brings to the business and development community.

Many of us here at Northwest Technology Resources have spent the last 5+ years in the CRM space working to design, develop, market and sell an Outlook based CRM package. We are happy to be representing the TeamScope products, especially OutlookCRM and TeamWork.

Please enjoy viewing all of the TeamScope related links on our site; however, since we are Value Added Resellers (VARs) of the TeamScope products, we respectfully request that Northwest Technology Resources is given the first opportunity to provide these products to you and your organization. We look forward to providing you specialized and personal service to support your acquisition and implementation of these TeamScope products. Should you require product customization services, we are certified TeamScope solution providers and will be happy to provide these services to you as well.

Please enjoy the following links; we think you will find these TeamScope products to be industry leaders in both functionality and return on your investment dollar.

Northwest Technology Resources is a certified reseller of TeamScope products and a certified TeamScope Solutions Provider…

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Other IT Related Products

Northwest Technology Resources maintains a strong and active network of partners which provide a selection of products designed to enhance the suite of products we provide our customers. We have carefully selected these partners to ensure they will provide you the same quality support you have come to expect from Northwest Technology Resources.

Please enjoy reviewing this product information. These links are provided as a convenience, to save your research time in finding the right products for your requirements.

Northwest Technology Resources represents these products and respectfully requests that we are given the first opportunity to introduce you and your organization to these products and companies.

Web Hosting

San Diego's largest and oldest ISP with massive web hosting infrastructure. CCC Communications, Inc currently hosts some very big names and maintains very satisfied customers with state of the art datacenter, the latest technologies, low overhead, alert management and great technical support.

Please visit their website at, then contact us and we will expedite your signup process.

Application Simulator to Develop Functional Specifications

Developing and documenting accurate functional specifications is the first major step and perhaps the step with the highest leverage for software development projects. The cost of correcting errors in the functional specs later in the project are very costly, often orders of magnitude higher than getting the spec correct in the first place.

There is a reason major construction projects build simulations first – to find and correct errors in the specifications and design before construction begins. The same should be true for software.

Now electronic simulation of the functional requirements of your software systems is possible! iRise has built a software simulation system which allows the user with process knowledge and the computing functional analyst to gather over a computer with the iRise Application Simulator and quickly build a working model of their system. A prototype, complete with representational screens and functions, is modeled to the point of accurately defining the functional specifications. Extensive and detailed specification reports and screen layouts are then provided to your development team.

Please visit the iRise website at, then contact us and we will provide you with a iRise website logon password if you would to take a closer online tour of the simulator.

Java Website Development Services

We have a couple of different partners we call on for Java development resources. Contact us with your application requirements and we will be happy to make appropriate introductions.

Contact us for Java website development services.

Perl Website Design and Development

Our perl partner has been working in perl for years and has developed template websites that can be quickly and efficiently tailored to meet your specific website requirements.

Contact us for perl website development services.


Source Code Analysis Tools

Managing large bodies of source code (especially legacy) is one of the major issues facing IT managers of large organizations today. Very often this code:

This is not a pretty picture!... Time for automation to minimize the human in this process! Northwest Technology Resources has established a strong partner relationship with the leading companies addressing these issues. High-speed analysis of large bodies of code in legacy languages is now possible, complete with reports, optional code conversion and detection of security holes. Processing at speeds in excess of 1 million lines an hour these tools make short work of analyzing very large systems.

Automated Code Analysis and Reporting

This is established technology, heavy lifting tools to quickly read, parse, analyze and report millions of lines of code per hour, entire systems in days. A job that a team of humans could not even hope to accomplish. Let the Ordina tools do the tedious code review work so that your team can analyze the reports and then take appropriate action

Enjoy visiting the Ordina web site for more details on this high-leverage technology, then contact us so that we can introduce you to our partner, the primary U.S. representative for Ordina.

Automated Cross Language Source Code Conversion

Once state of the art, legacy languages are now somewhat of a “millstone around our neck”. It is getting increasingly difficult to find and keep qualified personnel to maintain and keep these old systems running. Automated code conversion is the path out of this dilemma. Depending on the quality of the original code these Ordina tools can achieve a 60% to 90% electronic conversion, accurately and quickly, leaving the balance requiring human assistance.

Click over to the Ordina web site for more high-speed code conversion details, then contact us so that we can introduce you to our partner, the primary U.S. representative for Ordina.

If you are currently short on labor bandwidth to accomplish these conversions, please let us help. Northwest Technology Resources is also an independent sales representative of one of the fastest growing offshore labor companies. This offshore company has quality people, quality processes and very satisfied customers.

Put this mix together; automated conversion tools and very qualified and competitively priced offshore labor to complete the conversion and testing to present your own staff with your converted system on your new technology platform. You win on cost and timing. Your employees win with new quality code on new technology… and they didn't have to do the conversion.

Contact us for source code conversion products and services.

Source Code Security Analysis With Automated Detection and Correction

Security at the source… the source code! How does the human eye and brain study millions of lines of code for minute nuances of syntax that create security holes in the compiled and executing system? Simple, humans don't, which is why we rely so heavily on firewalls and security features in front of the executing systems. Soon, one of our partners will have on the market a source code analysis and correction tool that can be trained to search for your most feared security holes and either autocorrect to your specifications or prompt the analyst for confirmation of the suggested correction… doing what the human could not do and doing it at millions of lines of source code an hour.

There is hope in sight for your large critical systems. Bookmark this page so you can return for the release date.

Contact us for source code security analysis and correction product information.


Offshore IT Labor Alternatives

Today’s economic pressures have resulted in ever increasing pressure on overhead internal IT staff. Competitive pressures to increase the business revenue and market share necessitate renewed IT systems to help gain a competitive edge. Decrease internal IT staff spending and enhance your IT systems to stay competitive - a dilemma not easily resolved… until now!

The internet and advances in electronic communications have opened the doors to new thoughts and new approaches. Employing offshore IT development resources is now a very viable alternative, a reality to remaining competitive in today’s declining economic conditions. Consider this:

Offshore staffing rates are a fraction of typical internal IT staff rates. Often, for the price of one onshore IT consultant, you can deploy an entire offshore team. To take advantage of these offshore labor rates the company very effectively utilizes a senior onsite person to provide customer interface and coordination with the offshore team. Your one local senior IT person simplifies your interface and streamlines the project team for maximum efficiency.

Many alternatives and staffing configurations are possible with this offshore company:

Contact us for your IT staffing requirements.