Outlook Data Miner

Have you ever wanted to get all of your Outlook data into a SQL database in a compressed and searchable format?

Need a system to support “discovery work” and reduce or eliminate duplicate reviews of the same data?

Our Data Miner product is designed to do just that. In its simplest form, Data Miner will export all Email from an Outlook folder to our efficiently designed SQL database. If you turn on all the options you can export all Outlook items from all PST files in an entire folder structure. Here are some of the highlights:

Once the Outlook data is in our SQL database, we identify and flag duplicates so that your search results only contain unique Outlook item data. Email “threads” are also compressed.

This product is inherently fast and flexible, but our team can design and build additional components in order to reflect your business requirements. If you are interested in discussing the capabilities of our Data Miner product in the context of your business model, please contact us.

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