Some of our Customers and what they Say


Premier provider of Outlook and Exchange applications, tools and utilities:


  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Contact management
  • Sales force automation

TeamWork Workflow:

  • Outlook/Exchange based workflow management
  • Business process management

Outlook / Exchange Utilities:

  • Outlook Extensions Library
  • Outlook to SQL/Access data transfer
  • Many wonderful Outlook utilities for developers

Services Provided:

Work closely with Teamscope management and analysts:

  • Value Added Reseller of Teamscope products
  • Consulting & development support for Teamscope products
  • CRM product analysis and design


Steve is that rare commodity -- a developer who combines a solid technical expertise with an ability to grasp the business side of the equation as well. He consistently demonstrates a real commitment to both quality of work and timeliness of delivery.


CCC Communications

CCC Communications was founded in 1989 as Computer Cabling Contractors. In 1995 CCC opened its first Internet Data Center and began providing complete Internet services including: application hosting, co-location and connectivity, thus becoming one of the first and largest facilities-based Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in San Diego County.

We are very pleased to have our website and email services hosted with CCC Communications.

Services Provided

Designed and developed customer tracking and billing application.

  • Billing process analysis
  • Application requirements analysis
  • Billing system Design & Development


Steve’s ability to take real-life business problems and solve them using technology that is already sitting on your desktop boarders on alchemy. A truly gifted developer, Steve consistently provides practical, quality solutions which yield a Return on Investment that makes the use of his services an easy decision every time. A rare find.


Tool Builders

Tool Builders designs, develops and markets unique high-end software for source code management, analysis, processing and conversion tools.

Spartan1 - A very unique and intelligent source code analysis system to detect and repair security holes in source code at a rate in excess of 1 million lines per hour. Source code language currently supported is “C”, however the Spartan1 system can be “trained” to process any structured language.

Source Code Conversion tools. Toolbuilders is the primary representative in the United States for the Denkart source code management and conversion tools. These tools are perhaps the most efficient and trainable tools on the market for analyzing and converting source code from one language to another.

Services Provided

Business development services to define and establish critical partner relationships

  • Identify critical business success factors
  • Assist in the definition of requirements for partner companies
  • Establish appropriate win/win partner relationships
  • Organizational development
  • Business constraints analysis

Strategic Wealth Management

Strategic Wealth Management (SWM) company manages client portfolio accounts to maximize financial returns relative to individual client risk tolerance.

SWM has used the OutlookCRM system to manage client information and interaction records providing appropriate internal team access to client information as necessary to provide optimum client support.

Services Provided

Managed the recovery of customer CRM data for their OutlookCRM system:

  • Outlook/Exchange/SQL data analysis for recovery
  • Designed and developed system level tools to rebuild OutlookCRM system data
  • CRM Training


Working with Steve over the last 3.5 years I have come to appreciate his ability to both understand our business from a customer’s perspective and to efficiently translate our business requirements into effective computing solutions. His excellent understanding of the Outlook/Exchange/MS Office development environment has been essential in the development and deployment of our Outlook based financial information management system.

As a consultant, Steve’s commitment level to some of our more difficult projects has been excellent. His customer empathy and creativity were essential. He is a pleasure to work with and walks his talk in seeking win/win solutions with his customers.

NW Technologies is a great resource for business and end-user oriented computing solutions to be hosted in the Outlook/Exchange/MS Office environments.


American Legacy Foundation

The American Legacy Foundation (Legacy) is a national, independent public health foundation located in Washington, D.C. The foundation collaborates with national, state, and local organizations through grant awards, research initiatives, marketing efforts, and training programs in an effort to reduce tobacco use in the United States.

Legacy has four goals that guide its work to fight for the health and well-being of all generations by challenging tobacco use in America. The goals include: reducing youth tobacco use, decreasing exposure to second-hand smoke, increasing successful quit rates and reducing disparities in access to prevention and cessation services and in exposure to secondhand smoke.

Services Provided

Designed and Developed Outlook/Exchange Workflow applications:

  • Business process analysis
  • Requirements definition and analysis
  • Workflow design, development & implementation

The Olson Group

The Olson Group is a leader and innovator in providing integrated client/server project/job cost, grant and fund accounting applications tailored for not-for-profit organizations, governments and government subcontractor, whose products vertically integrate with Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics, Dynamics SQL and eEnterprise versions 5.5, 6.0 and now 7.0!

GASB Statement No. 34 established a whole new framework or "financial reporting model" for state and local governments. Accounting and auditing professionals face a special challenge in trying to explain this new governmental financial reporting model to elected officials, citizens and others with an interest in public-sector financial reports. The Olson Group suite of financial software will enable you to meet these challenges.

Services Provided

Consulting services for the implementation of the Sales Logics CRM system.

  • Business process analysis
  • CRM requirements identification
  • Feature Identification
  • Design package customizations
  • Organization integration planning
  • Training planning

Paul, Hanley & Harley, LLP

Paul, Hanley & Harley, LLP is dedicated to providing the latest information about asbestos diseases, their diagnoses, causes, treatments and the medical research currently underway to prevent and someday cure them. We want to help those potentially exposed to asbestos to understand which materials contained asbestos, during which years, and how exposures occur.

Paul, Hanley & Harley LLP is committed to informing those afflicted with an asbestos disease of their legal rights against the companies who are responsible for those injuries.

We are a group of experienced trial attorneys dedicated exclusively to asbestos and Mesothelioma litigation. We advocate the rights of workers and their families, representing clients who have cancer resulting from asbestos exposure, or who have been harmed by the asbestos-related cancer of a loved-one.

Services Provided

Designed an efficient email / database interface to provide users automated fax number lookup for groups of clients.

  • Business process analysis
  • Proposed simplified architecture
  • Designed accepted proposal
  • Implemented email/DB lookup
  • Speed and usability exceeded customer expectations