Northwest Technology Resources exists to service the needs of our customers, service in a way that promotes the strengthening of our customer's ability to carry out their business more efficiently and effectively as a result of our contributions. Our mission, then, is to provide services and products that contribute to and improve the bottom line profitability of our customers, thus developing an ongoing and mutually profitable relationship.


Our company values are a culmination of our faith and our experience in many different environments with observations of what motivates and brings the best out of our business and personal relationships.

Company History

The formation of Northwest Technology Resources in 2002 was driven by a clear market demand for Customer Relationship Management software in today's increasingly customer-oriented marketplace. Founder Steven W. Dittmar spend his first 25 years as a professional:

Steve's business development skills were honed during his startup experience to form a unique combination of business savvy and technical development knowledge. Northwest Technology Resources was formed and is based in Seattle, WA. We support customers located throughout primarily the United States, Canada and Europe and from a variety of industries, for profit and non-profits. Our focus is to build lasting win/win relationships with our customers where we clearly bring value to the relationship with strong return on investment for our services and products.